Press & Testimonials

As far as the original score, I really can't say enough about the work of Gabe Feenberg.  Gabe is a master trombone player, in addition to playing almost every other instrument, and when I hear these tracks it reminds me of two of my favorite bands: Beirut and Neutral Milk Hotel.  Just like those bands, Gabe's music manages to be beautiful, whimsical, inspiring and honest, all at the same time.  With one very over-the-top character (Flula) and more than a few over-the-top moments, Gabe's score is what grounds the story and serves as the emotional backbone for David's character and the entire journey of Buddymoon. 

   - Alex Simmons, Emmy-nominated Director

Its hard not to get personally involved with Gabriel Feenbergs music... 

            -Seth Combs, Writer for Spin, Hollywood Reporter & San Diego City Beat

Gabe Understood my vision from our initial conversation and he delivered on the first try in a timely manner. This kind of accountability makes making movies that much less stressful

            -Robert Descant, Director